Nouvelle gamme de roues dynamométriques haute précision

Nouvelle gamme de roues dynamométriques haute précision

The new LW65 is the first in a line of Precision Wheel Force Transducers (WFT). The LW65 has unmatched accuracy. All six channels of the LW65 have typical non-linearity error and hysteresis below 0.15% of full scale. Michigan Scientific has also made additional strides by including ISO17025 certification and SAEJ328 certification for WFTs. Michigan Scientific WFTs are known worldwide in road load data acquisition groups and test labs for their simple installation, ease of use, reliability, and lightweight designs. Now with increased accuracy, there is no better alternative.

The LW65 is designed to withstand the increased mass and cornering loads of electric vehicles. It has enough capacity to test any electric passenger vehicle.

Scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 2021 are the LW60 and LW25, which will have a similar level of accuracy at lower capacities and system weights. All of the Precision Wheel Force Transducers have a unique design feature to allow operation with either a high quality Michigan Scientific outboard Slip Ring Assembly or inboard Wireless Telemetry data transmission system. The outboard Slip Ring Assembly package provides extremely fast installation and set-up, while the inboard Wireless Telemetry package is ideal for public road testing and extreme off-road testing.

Fiche technique du LW65

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