Plug-and-play steering error correction system for Wheel Force Transducers

Stator Angle Correction Device for Wheel Force Transducers

For 20 years, Michigan Scientific has been providing testing and measurement confidence with the precision and reliability of our Wheel Force Transducers (WFTs). We pride ourselves in being able to deliver products with simple installation, setup, and operation. Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducers are the first choice for on and off-road vehicle testing . And because we never stop innovating, we made the process even better. Our new Stator Angle Correction (SAC) Device adjusts the real-time rotational angle signal from the wheel. The adjusted rotational angle signal is used in the coordinate transformation to prevent any error while the wheels are steered during dynamic testing. Quick and accurate wheel test data is the result. The SAC eradicates tedious post-processing compensation, while maintaining a quick set-up time, allowing engineers to get the most out of their time and testing.

Quick and Easy to Install

The SAC is not an over-the-wheel bracket assembly, but is able to provide the precision that an over-the-wheel bracket would offer with a much easier and quicker installation. An over-the-wheel bracket system will move with the wheel as the car steers, reducing error in the angular position when the wheels turn. The trouble with over-the-wheel brackets is they that they are difficult to install. They attach to the steering knuckle as well as the front of the tire. The SAC allows users to avoid the complicated set-up without having to compensate later for the error normally caused by steering

Rugged and Versatile

Versatility was in mind when designing the Stator Angle Corrector Device. The SAC adapts to a variety of vehicles. It can be used on all vehicles, from small cars to heavy trucks. The SAC is compatible with all Michigan Scientific digital-at-the-wheel Wheel Force Transducers; previously purchased WFTs will be compatible with the device. On top of a variety of vehicles, it will be usable in a variety of environments. The SAC features rugged construction with an IP 67 rating, so it will provide accurate data in almost all testing environments.

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